Board of Directors

Chamber Leadership

The Chamber of Commerce recruits and attracts a broad range of community leaders for its board so that it may represent the local business and non-profit community as widely as possible.

The Chamber seeks men, women, small and large business owners, the private and public sector, people living and working on both sides of the river, the non-profit community, and diverse business sectors.

The current board, as always, is a talented and capable group committed to the Chamber’s mission of nurturing conditions conducive to enticing and growing business, understanding that a happy community relies on a healthy economy.

Chamber Board Officers 2017

President: Jim Beilgard
Independent Associates Financial
Certified Group, Individual & Medicare Health Benefits

Vice President: Sofia Gutierrez
Vice President Halldin Public Relations
Public Relations and Communications


Treasurer: Sam Swenson
Swenson Law Firm
Business Law


Secretary : Mariette Lasley
Independant Associate

(916) 988-0175