Casa Roble High School Ramsmen Inc. ''Ram Boosters''

The Casa Roble Ramsmen Boosters has its purpose as a nonprofit community organization created within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The primary purpose of this Booster Association is to enhance the experiences of students attending Casa Roble High School. Raising and contributing funds to be used for educational and athletic needs, extracurricular programs and art activities do this. The Boosters Association shall also help promote the school through community involvement and awareness of school events, competitions, and activities at Casa Roble High School. The Association is set-up as an umbrella organization with sport & club specific Booster Clubs (example - Football, ROTC, AVID, Auto Shop etc.) within that umbrella. The Association monitors over 40 campus clubs, sports, activities and programs. The Ramsmen Boosters run some general fundraisers to benefit all students in the form of new uniforms, award systems, play-off travel/expenses, and facility improvements. Each team and club will run their own specific fundraisers and those funds raised will benefit that specific team or club. The Ramsmen Boosters funds a scholarship program for Casa students headed off to college. Students are asked to apply for this scholarship the spring of their senior year. Applications must include a short essay and eligibility is limited to students from families that have been booster club members for at least two years. We meet once a month and invite all of you to join us each year in this worthy cause.