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A Community Grows When Businesses Thrive We lead the advancement of Orangevale’s economic and community development By promoting business success. We are striving for an Orangevale with growing businesses and a thriving, engaged, vibrant, healthy community. 

For Orangevale to be the most vibrant rural community in the region with thriving small businesses and residents engaged and connected around community activities.

We will be a CONVENER of leaders & influencers, a CATALYST for business growth, and a CHAMPION for a better, stronger community in Orangevale.

Our Chamber Values


We believe it is our role to facilitate community connections, between businesses, schools, community, and civic leaders, government, and residents.



We strive to set the bar for business in terms of quality, commitment, and ethics.



We’re committed to the continued advancement of Orangevale’s economic and community growth.


Unifying the community is a fundamental goal in all that we do.


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Explore the many businesses in our community.


Chamber member businesses are the heart of our community.


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Explore the many events going on in our community.


"We really enjoy being a member of the Orangevale Chamber. It has not only expanded our knowledge of the community around us but has helped us with deepening our relationships with business owners, as well. It has helped us see other business owners' perspectives and has given us an avenue to find out how we can help other them. We personally have gained business from one client who found us directly on the Orangevale Chamber website. Another client found us on the Orangevale Chamber Facebook page and we gained them as a client. When asking what the chamber can do for you, we recommend a business owner instead look at it from a different perspective. Think instead of “What can I do as a business” to grow the business chamber, which can then help bring other business owners together, which results in a stronger community for all. Through the chamber, we have seen the journey some business owners are on and have done what we can to support them. Our support may have been buying gift cards for their business, attending their mixers, bringing a new community member with us to check out their business, to helping a business with some marketing. Whatever it may be, we would not have even known of these business owners or their needs unless we were an Orangevale Chamber."

- Colette Palmer from Palmer Real Estate

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