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We believe it is the job of the Chamber to engage the community and to help coordinate a vision for a better future for Orangevale. We’re developing this by coordinating gatherings of key groups with common interests. We believe that by connecting and creating conversation with the great people in our town, great things will happen. The Chamber’s role in this process is to organize and lead the conversation.


Orangevale Community Council

An “organization of organizations” made up of Orangevale business and community leaders who desire to create and act on a vision for a better community. This is a forum to bring together a single representative from each of the key community groups – business, nonprofit, and civic – to develop social capital and proactively develop the community in Orangevale.


Orangevale often operates without alignment and collaboration between local organizations and community leadership. We need a venue to increase the connections between groups, to improve awareness of things going on, and organize like-minded people in the community to move forward on key issues which will advance Orangevale. 


Because there is no central “city” leadership within Orangevale, we need to establish a group that can fill this void. We believe the Orangevale Community Council can become that. To learn more or attend a meeting email us at or check the community calendar for details on our next meeting.

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