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A Community Grows When Businesses Thrive

We lead the advancement of Orangevale’s economic and community development BY promoting business success. We are striving for an Orangevale with growing businesses and a thriving, engaged, vibrant, healthy community. Here is a glimpse into our strategy:




It is our job to unite the community for the betterment of local businesses. We value and promote collaboration as often as possible, between businesses and the community. When our businesses thrive, our community will grow. By engaging with key Orangevale leaders, we will be the means by which business and community intersect. We create opportunities for businesses to network and grow.  



We will serve the needs of Orangevale businesses by bringing together community advocates to create a clear direction, identity, and vision for our town. It is our job to communicate what makes Orangevale a great community to live and work in. We will create a community climate that attracts new businesses to make their home in Orangevale. We will advocate for local businesses by encouraging the community to shop locally. We will advocate for businesses by providing tools and guidance in navigating challenging business issues.  



We believe that healthy things grow, and we want to do our part to influence the macroeconomic conditions in Orangevale so that businesses can thrive. We believe that local business is the backbone of a healthy community. We will promote and encourage business growth in Orangevale, and we will specifically promote member businesses to help provide value to these community supporters

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